Nashira Raw White Basmati Rice 5 kg

Nashira Brown

1,050.0 670.0

A product from the ‘House of Sanwaria’ synonym of Quality. Packed with royal taste and exotic aroma, each grain is sourced & selelcted from its authentic origin to ensure its purity & goodness of basmati. it is carefully aged for 12 to 24 months in high tech storage system to bring out natural aroma & taste of basmati. It is milled & processed in Sanwaria state of art mill & pass through stringent sorting to ensure that only the finest & right kind of uniform grains go into each pack. It means aromatic, longest, fullest fluffy & pristine white – the queen of rice of rice comes to your dining table every day. Once the luxury enjoyed by royals now available for everyone to make your each occasion & moment memorable.

Weight 5 kg


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